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Make a suggestion for our server!
 #3640  by Zeathrus
I suggest that the shop will sell tms and items cause the other items in pokemart are not very important.. :D

I await your response thanks

 #3642  by Not_A_Banana
1. This is in the wrong section of the forums (Should be on normal suggestions not Site Suggestions, I will be moving this topic).
2. This is NEVER going to happen, Since it will make a certain price bounded to an Item, also It will take away the rarity of items, and If this were the case as I stated early it will F up the economics ingame for Example:the Shop would sell Earthquake for 2500 Ingame, Everyone would be buying/selling it for 2500 and it will Unlimited. That's Why this is NEVER going to happen, Thanks for your Suggestion.

[Topic Moved] ---
 #3647  by khongnoi
True this is not very suitable. You shouldn't be able to get whatever you want at anytime with some cash or it'll be too easy. Just hunt for TMs yourself its a lot of fun. One thing I'd add is that the spawn rate should be increased. Sometimes pokemon dont spawn fast enough, so it always leave us alone. I've traveled in an area of about 20 chunks and found <15 pokemon, and about 5-6 of them are low-leveled starlies.