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Make a suggestion for our server!
 #19044  by Earthmule
Make new bountyhunt npc,very special one,which will give less bountyhunts with bigger rewards,but it would ask always for "special pokemons" like - spirit forms,collored forms,galar forms,alter forms etc
 #19047  by Celtic_Centurion
This would be cool, the primary flaw I find with it is that if it asked for you to find Pokemon skins and forms
The rewards would have to be insane as bounties take the poke when u catch it, and most skins e.g. strikes and spirits etc. are all incredibly highly valued by members of the server meaning to take the poke away from you the rewards in substitute to the poke itself would have to be things like gold and silver caps.
If it didn't take the poke or if it wasn't targeted at hunting Pokemon skins, I could see this being somewhat functional :D

Don't mind me just commenting on these btw, just constructive criticism :D