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  • Having trouble with something on the server? Ask for help here!
Having trouble with something on the server? Ask for help here!
Forum rules: If you need something done in-game please provide your username in your post!
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Please include your in-game username in every post!

I can't connect to the server
This can be caused by a number of reasons. First check to make sure you have entered the correct IP for our server If that doesn't help try connecting to other servers to make sure its not your connection. Make sure you have the correct forge and pixelmon versions installed, you can find what versions we currently have on the home page

One of my Pixelmon disappeared!
This issue comes from the instability of the pixelmon mod itself. Currently we do try to recreate the pixelmon if you have some kind of proof that you had it (screen shots) but we can only give you a new pixelmon of the same level. We will not correct the moves, ev's, iv's etc.
If you have any information on how you may have caused the pixelmon to be deleted. please make a post in this forum with steps on how to reproduce. Hopefully we can help the pixelmon mod fix this problem.

My game lags while playing or crashes on startup
If you game is lagging, That is your FPS is low or your game view is choppy then checkout this post made by RukiyeSaito All things Lag. How to fix it!. If you game is crashing on startup then checkout the pixelmon wiki on the issue Crash_Reading_101.