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Has someone wronged you? Report them here!
 #11356  by kyletrueblue
Who are you reporting:toph
Rule that was broken:abusing mod powers
Who else was involved:none
Proof(Picture or video):i dnt no how to do that on my pc check logs around this time and b4
10-09-16 12.30pm australian syd time
 #11357  by topheralan
Spoiler alert: grab the popcorn folks.

So the events were as follows: a player was scammed, we started discussing the matter, you joined the server (after this was underway), Pleasuringly inserted himself into the conversation regarding the scam (of which he was not a part), I warned him about getting involved in matters which did not involve him, then you scolded me for warning him, for which you received a clear warning to also not get involved in matters of which are no concern to you, you threw a tantrum, then I muted you. (I'm aware of the run on sentence). You subsequently told me you were going to report me.

So it was quite clear to you and the rest of the server what I was not going to tolerate. I do, in fact, have chat logs to prove this. You are welcome to disagree with me, however if you argue (which is different than having an opposing opinion) then the next thing you will be typing is a ban appeal.