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Talk about anything off-topic here! Music, games, moves, and more!
 #11067  by Wtsoner
Its taken lots of thought and ive decided my decision, I am leaving Limitless. I love the server, I love a good portion of the staff, but I don't like what has become of the server. I enjoyed 1.7.10 because all my friends where around, now they are not. I never really got into the 1.8 server, personally i was frustrated over losing everything and at the time my fiance could not join the server due to issues with connectivity. I feel like the server has taken a turn for the worse and its never going to recover from what has grasped it. I shall take the rest of the time here to say my goodbyes. Good bye Userman, as much as an annoyance you may be to a lot of the staff, I see you as a great friend and one person I could turn too if I needed assistance with anything. Good bye MankHD, you have been the best stalker I have ever had since 1.7.10, yes I knew you where following me, you where horrible with using /vanish at the time. Good bye Soccerdude, we barely hung out in 1.7.10 but in the end you where pretty cool. Good bye Gilman2, you and I always did have interesting conversations on 1.7.10 and it was saddening to never see you around when I resurfaced in Limitless at the end of 1.8.

I will probably never return, but by some random fate that I do return know this, I will always see Limitless as a Pixelmon home. This is the end of my good bye, see you on the otherside guys!

Soner out.