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  • Better Staff; people getting banned for no good reason.

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 #4996  by SplooshyPlays
Everytime I see people get banned for no good reason. They never get a warning before they get banned. Just today, I saw 3 people get banned for griefing a pokecenter. I asked why, and they said it was they were breaking the rules. I then asked if it was somebodys property, and they said no. They said it was because they were destroying landscape. At least they could've asked why they were breaing it, but they didn't, which makes it very unfair for players. Maybe they were destroying it because they were building their house and they needed to clear the area. The staff is also very racist. The other day someone asked who speaed spanish and i said yes. And right after that i got kicked. I asked and they never responded. They also muted the other player without asking him to stop politely. Also, a couple of days ago my brother was playing and someone stole his stuff. He asked the moderator but all he said was "Whoever has DuckonQuack's stuff, please give it back" they never really helped him. And thats why I think that this server needs better staff.
 #4997  by Userman
I'll try my best to explain the situation this time even tho we already had almost the same discussion the other day.

There are rules in the server. The reason that there is staff on the server other than the owner is to mantain those rules.

In regard to the "people getting banned for no good reason" , there is a message that displays in chat colored in green and says explicitly to NOT grief pokecenters and other structures. You may say that someone might need materials to build his house, and i'd answer you by saying that there are plenty of other ways to get those resources without griefing anything and getting them like vanilla minecraft. Furthermore, people who get banned most of the times are given a second(or even a third and fourth) chance and are unbanned in a short period of time. We don't just leave people banned forever, except in certain occasions when we feel like he deserves it.
And the people who don't get a warning before getting banned is because they are not online and we can't contact them, otherwise we'd warn them and then ban them anyways because even if they apologize they must learn that you pay for what you do(we have to deal mostly with 12 year olds lately so that's the best way to deal with them).

In regard to the "The staff is also very racist." I feel like you don't understand the reason why we do NOT allow people to speak their language in main chat. It is because most of the people who play this server do not come from english speaking countries(i'm italian) and if we didn't have this rule everyone would speak whatever they wanted and nobody would be able to understand eachother. Nothing forbids you to ask if someone speaks your language by asking it in english. Oh, and by the way, there are plenty of ways to speak your language on the server without using the main chat( "/msg name message" and "/private" are there for that reason).
Also, if we mute someone it is because he got a warning before or spammed heavily. I personally use kicks to warn people because i feel like they are more noticeable than normal warnings and i don't want to repeat myself too much since there are many people who don't understand the few rules we have(usually after 2-3 kicks i mute the person for 10 minutes).

In regard to the thief who stole your brothers stuff, if his stuff had been taken from a chest there are logs we can check, if he dropped it and someone took it we can't see that and if he didn't see the player taking the stuff we can't really do much about it. If he did saw him we could check the guy and his house and maybe retrieve his stuff and ban him.

Hope you are satisfied with my answer. If not, i am sorry you don't understand and good bye. :D

PS: nowadays racist is an overused word on the internet. I miss the days when we could say anything we wanted the way we wanted without being called racists for no reason by random people on the internet at least twice a day :(
 #5006  by gilman2
He asked the moderator but all he said was "Whoever has DuckonQuack's stuff, please give it back"

This was me. And I 100% stand by my actions. Because your brother died, And when asked if he saw who took his stuff, his only response was "a bunch of people but I didn't see who". So therefore what can I do? Check every single persons inventory that joins and leaves the game to see if they have the items your brother would of claimed to have had, without proof he even has those items? Use your common sense please, there is no need to make whiny posts calling our staff and server bad when we know full well we are not and more than likely we are the best cracked server you will find.
 #5018  by Jay113355
To further this, Dieing is a part of the game.
We are a survival server, we don't stop people from losing there stuff, therefore unless he was killed(killing not allowed) someone taking his stuff would be part of the game. and the best our mods can do, with respect to enforcing the rules is "whoever has his stuff Please give it back".

try /back next time.

And i might remind you that taking down a pokecenter is fine, but leaving 1/2 (greifing/ugly) is not allowed.

Further more, the staff we have were not only accepted because we think they would uphold the rules, they were accepted because they would uphold our rules

If you need a refresh of our rules, please read this