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  • Survivra's Moderator Application

 #11148  by Survivra
In-Game Username: Survivra.
Real (First) Name: Ali.
Age: 16.
Are you fluent in English?: Yes I am.
How long have you been a member of Limitless?: For 2-3 months.
What Time Zone are you on? EESM(Eastern European Summer Time).
How long can you be online per day?: About 4-7 hours.
What times of the day can you be online? Afternoon and night, but I can rarely be on during day time.
Have you ever broke any of the server rules? No.
Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I mainly want to be a mod because of people wanting help from me, and basically I hate to tell people that they need a mod to look at stuff (Checking Block Logs, Editing Claims,Stolen stuff from people) etc. I usually get contacted with these problems, and sadly I really can't do much so I'd like to be a mod to help people with solving their problems.
Are you familiar with the Moderator commands? If yes, list at least 3 here: Yes, /ban (Player) (reason) /mute (Player) /tp (Player)
What (if any) experience do you have with pokemon and the pixelmon mod itself? I have a lot of experience with Pokémon and Pixelmon I had been playing Pokémon for 5 years from now I can tell I know all of the types and names of every single pokémon, and for 3-4 years I had been playing pixelmon, but then I was bored so I joined to LimitlessMc.
Do you have Skype?: Yes I do have skype, "gogthegod".
How can you help the server?: I can help the new players to ensure they read the rules, watch the pixelmon tutorial (if needed) and answer their questions about pixelmon(I'm already doing that).
Other Notes: Well I hope I can help even more people if I get to be promoted to a Moderator, Thanks For Reading.