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 #13781  by Wtsoner
My in-game Username is:
My real life Name is:
How old am I?
Am I fluent in English?
Why yes I am and have been since I started speaking as a child.
How long have I been on limitless for?
I have been around since 1.7.10, so since 2014 I don't remember the exact date I joined but i know it was somewhere around august of 2014.
What time zone am I on?
My time zone is North American Central Time, I live in Minnesota.
How long can I be online per day?
As of right now I can dedicate at least 5-6 hours if I am not busy with things in real life, take note I am 23 years of age so I do have this thing called "adult life".
What times of the day can I be on?
I'm a night owl, so I can put all my time from Afternoon to Morning which my time would be 3:00 PM to about 5:00 AM or 8:00 Am.
Have I ever broken any rules?
No, I have never broken rules nor will I in the future.
Am i familiar with Moderator commands?
Yes, I am very familiar with Moderator commands in fact I am familiar with all commands from moderator to owner since I was a Co--owner on a towny server.
Ban [Playername], Bans selected player.
Banip [Playname], Bans the Ip of selected player.
Kick [Playername], Kicks selected player from the server, Commonly used as a warning.
Mute [Playername] [Seconds] Mutes a player so they cant speak, Commonly used for people spamming.
Tp, Allows you to Tp to selected player.
What experience do i have with Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod?
I have played Pokemon from generations 1-5 after that I am unfamiliar. As for Pixelmon I have my 3 years of experience.
Do I have Skype?
Yes, I will hand it out if requested to staff members only.
How can i help the server?
I have experience being apart of staff and working with staff as a team, I have the time to be on when needed and am a server first self interest later sort of person.
Other notes?
I have applied once before when the server was 1.7.10, but deleted my application due to complications with a group of players I joined with. Long story short I didn't want the actions of this group of players to affect my staff application so I deleted it and waited until I felt the time was right.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this.
 #13856  by Wtsoner
I had Updated my application due to changes in my age and due to me changing my IGN back to Wtsoner.