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 #17594  by SacredMutagen
In-Game Username:

23 years old

Are you fluent in English?:
Yes, I am.

How long have you been a member of Limitless?:
I have been on this server since August 2nd, 2018. (I have voted 949 times!)

What Time Zone are you on?
EDT (GMT -4), Montreal, Canada.

How long can you be online per day?:
I can be online at least 3h on weekdays and over 6h on weekends.

What times of the day can you be online?
I am usually connected between 20h-24h on weekdays. On weekends, it depends of my schedule, as it can go from 12h to 24h, somewhere around this time (but not all day long, it changes every weeks).

Have you ever broke any of the server rules?
No, I haven’t.

Why do you want to be Staff?:
I love to help people by answering questions and by having an utility room (machines, healer, pc, anvil, brewer, enchanting, apricorns, etc) available for free near spawn for people who start that doesn’t have enough resources to fully start. Futhermore, I feel that there is some missing staffs these days as most of them stopped to play. By having someone that have been on the server for so long and been active most of the days would be a great addition to the staff team. Moreover, I like to moderate and manage people as I am an administrator of several Messenger chats. I've already organized events IRL and I believe that by having someone that have a lot of maturity will be favorable for the server.

Are you familiar with the moderation commands? If yes, list at least 3 here:
Yes: /kick, /ban, /tempban, /mute, /vanish, /invsee, /tp

What (if any) experience do you have with pokemon and the pixelmon mod itself?
I have played Pokemon game since I was young. It all started with the famous Gameboy color. In addition, I still play Pokemon Go in real life (no spoofing) with people in my neighborhood (level 40 times 3!)

What is your discord tag?:

How can you help the server?:
I can help by muting or kicking people that are disruptive to other people, as I often see them when I play and no staff is active at the moment. Also, I would gladly fix griefing situation or resolve any drama situations that may occur in the chat. As someone who have more IRL experience and have been through various communities, I am more suited to manage these drama as they can often sparkle through little things.

Other Notes:
In the Pokemon Go game, I am one of the three admins of my neighborhood raid chat of 250 people on Messenger. We are also one of the most well coordinated Messenger of the city (lot of raids being done, and everybody is happy about this nice environment).