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  • StraudBeryl - Staff Application

 #17941  by StraudBeryl
In-Game Username: StraudBeryl
Age: 26
Are you fluent in English?: Absolutely
How long have you been a member of Limitless?: Approximately 3 months (11/27/19)
What Time Zone are you on? Eastern Standard Time
How long can you be online per day?: 1-7 hours
What times of the day can you be online? Any hours dependant on how messed my sleeping schedule is, but typically between 10am to 9pm
Have you ever broke any of the server rules? No.
Why do you want to be Staff?: I love the atmosphere of Limitless, and from what I’ve seen the mods are already doing a spiffy job. I want to help, to keep the server going and players having fun.
Are you familiar with the servers unique features or commands? If yes, list at least 3 here: /h and /s /ev /iv /seen right click on both my and other player’s claims with a stick to see its bounds/player’s name. That claiming is per chunk. The bounty hunters and market are unique, and chunk restoration is a cool feature.
What (if any) experience do you have with Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod itself? Some two or three years ago I was real heavy into running my own mini server with some friends during Pixelmon’s major Sun & Moon update. Under the username Niiohontesha I did a lot of bug reporting in my free time because it’s what I enjoyed. I’m a collector of Pokemon games and have played every main-series game with the exception of Sword and Shield because I’m poor.
What is your discord tag?:StraudBeryl#0122
How can you help the server?: Information and de-escalation of conflicts.
Other Notes: I am very interested in the hows of all the neato plugins you’ve made for the server, Jay. It’s fascinating to me. Thanks for reading.