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In-Game Username: catalyzedkat

Age: 16

Are you fluent in English?: Yes. It is my first language.

How long have you been a member of Limitless?: Since April 9th, 2020. So 39 days.

What Time Zone are you on? 06:00, Central Standard Time; Kentucky, United States.

How long are you usually online for per day?: How ever long it is between server resets most of the time. But I can be online anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours. More often closer to the latter half.

What times of the day can you be online? Any time of the day, unless I am at my mom's house. But currently my sleep schedule is waking up around 9 pm - 3 am and staying awake anywhere from 12 pm - 6 p. Sometimes I keep myself awake longer.

Have you ever broke any of the server rules? I was muted at one point because I posted a copypasta into the Minecraft chat from discord.

Why do you want to be Staff?: I love helping people; it's just something I do. And I often give out advice. I want to make sure everyone who joins LimitlessMC has the best time they can, while following the rules, of course. And I am afraid that people will just shrug off whatever I say because my tag is only trainer.

Are you familiar with the servers unique features or commands? If yes, list at least 3 here: /listing or /market brings up the player market where everyone can sell 10 things at once, /sell (cost) sells the item in hand, /g shows all online guild members, /g home takes you to wherever the owner put your guild home at, /mute mutes a player.

What (if any) experience do you have with Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod itself? I had been playing and absorbing content from when it was super popular on YouTube. When I ultimately took a long break from Minecraft, though, there wasn't much content anywhere.

What is your discord tag?: catalyzedkat#1102

How can you help the server?: This kind of goes back to why I want to be a part of the staff; I just love helping people. But I also love everyone that's a part of this serve; I want to be there for all of the players if they got griefed or someone is harassing them through messages. This is truly a great server, and I want to solidify as much as I can.

Other Notes: Hey. Thanks for reading this. It means a lot that you did. Minecraft pixelmon was the reason I came back to computer minecraft, and I'm glad I did. I've met some amazing people from your server that I wouldn't give up for the world. Anyways, from 2013 to 2014, I was a moderator on a now dead server. I am currently a discord mod for my in-server guild, and I will see projects or requests done to the very end and to the best of my abilities.