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  • Fig's Helper Application

 #18682  by Fig
In-Game Username:

I am 15 years old

Are you fluent in English?:
Yes I am

How long have you been a member of Limitless?:
I began playing May 11th, 2020

What Time Zone are you on?
Pacific Standard Time

How long are you usually online for per day?:
Usually, 10+ hours a day. I've logged just over 168 days of (mostly active) playtime in the past year.

What times of the day can you be online?
I can be online at almost any time of the day. I wake up early and head to sleep between 1-4 AM. Other than that, I usually respond to Discord messages & pings quickly.

Have you ever broke any of the server rules?
In my first few days on the server, the staff gave me warnings for x-ray and spamming. I have learned my lesson and have reformed. Furthermore, I have been banned once for unintentionally exploiting a server bug as I thought it was caused by lag on the servers end.

Why do you want to be Staff?:
I would like to be a helper for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons being the recent spike in players new to Pixelmon. More active staff will be needed to accommodate these incoming players. I’ve spent the last year learning the server as well as the Pixelmon mod, and believe I’m qualified to help the new player base with whatever they need. Also, with the new Pixelmon update around the corner, I’m sure there will be plenty of changes on Limitless regarding things such as item prices and game mechanics. I would like to help players get through these changes and give insight from the perspective of someone who actively plays on the server. Moreover, I’ve loved the time I have spent interacting with the community here this past year and hope to keep Limitless a place that every player can enjoy.

Are you familiar with the server’s unique features or commands? If yes, list at least 3 here:
Yes, I’m familiar with most server-specific and moderation commands.
/faq - Brings up a list of frequently asked questions
/pwiki - Allows you to quickly find information on pokemon
/claim - Brings up information on the claiming system
/mc - Message in staff chat
/bl i - Toggles blocklog inspection

What (if any) experience do you have with Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod itself?
I have played several Pokemon games and a bit of PokeMMO, but most of my pokemon knowledge comes from playing the Pixelmon mod itself.

What is your discord tag?:

How can you help the server?:
As someone who’s played for a while now, I know a lot about the Pixelmon mod and can answer most questions people have about it. I have also noticed that there is no active staff that plays in PST which is 1-2 hours behind most of the US and allows me to be on at unmoderated times. Overall, I’m a fairly active and experienced member that can be online at almost any time, which I think are some of the most important staff qualities.

Other Notes:
Thank you for reading my helper application! Whether or not this application gets accepted, I will continue to do my best to help the Limitless community.