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  • Ruki's ReMod-Application?

 #18685  by Ruki
In-Game Username: RukiyeSaito
Age: I am 25 years old, Born December 1st 1995
Are you fluent in English?: Yes.
How long have you been a member of Limitless?: Since 2014.
What Time Zone are you on? EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME EDT (UTC-4)
How long are you usually online for per day?: I typically play for two to three hours, sometimes longer, if I don't want to play something else.
What times of the day can you be online? Mid-day to the evening, however I cannot stay online overnight repeatedly.
Have you ever broke any of the server rules? No.
Why do you want to be Staff?: I will amicably be of use to upset players with any critical issues or negative arguments they may have with anything involving Pixelmon, Minecraft, Limitless or other players.
If the chat becomes cluttered or distraught because of aggressive players making offensive comments, I will be certain to resolve it properly and rigorously enforce the correct consequences while being kind.
Any griefs that have been voluntarily committed, no matter the apparent size, I will be there immediately to repair them.
Are you familiar with the servers unique features or commands? If yes, list at least 3 here: I am very knowledgeable about Limitless's active commands.
Such as /Pokesee /mctoggle /v /iv /spy /unclaim force
As for Minecraft commands, I undoubtedly know a good bit.
/unban /ban /mute/ invseek /nv /kick /mute
What (if any) experience do you have with Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod itself? My knowledge, when it typically comes to Pokemon, is very expansive however I refused to purchase Sword & Shield for personal reasons.
I competed within the 2009 US nationals for Pokemon VGC. When they promptly notified me I represent a Last Chance qualifier, I was forced to decline because I couldn't get a ride there, so they assigned it to someone else.
Therefore, my experience with Pokemon is well within the competitive scene.
As for the Pixelmon mod, firsthand my knowledge realistically is above average, but has room to learn.
What is your discord tag?: RachelMarieSaito#6453
How can you help the server?: I would enjoy nothing better than to support players with their gameplay!
Before I hastily left to college I was thinking of a possible way to make gathering food easier or simpler to acquire or even instruct players on how to farm the most quality foodstuffs in Minecraft.
The idea came to my attention, because many players would either beg or ask for food constantly in chat, but that's not okay. I'd routinely produce a batch of food and deliver it to peeps randomly not too much food, though. I will repair griefs as I a know of /blocklog & /rollback commands very well, no matter their apparent size, I'll still repair it to new. Usually, I would also pop up near players, generously provide them free items, talk to them, maybe play a mild prank so I can naturally give them a free rare Pokemon lol.
Otherwise, I'll be watching over chat to make sure everyone is delighted & content :D
Other Notes:
I don't have very much else to add.
I was formerly a part of Staff, many familiar others within the talented team here at Limitless can vouch for me. If an official recommendation is needed or acceptable, I can properly present it.
With that said, I hope to undoubtedly see you in-game again Jay as well as all the Wonderful peeps :D
Thanks for generously assisting me with my many lost Items & Shulkers Jay! Before I went off to college, I don't think I got to say thank you kindly, so Thank you. :D