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The latest server announcements from the staff!
 #7956  by gilman2
Battle Tournament!

On Saturday the 8th of august 2015 at 6pm UK Time, I am going to be hosting a server wide battle tournament. All rules and information is listed below. Prizes will be announced nearer the time but will be top tier amazing prizes!

Rules and Information
  • It will be a 3v3 Level 30 battle tournament,
    All held items are allowed,
    All Pokemon must be level locked,
    Put the pokemon you wish to lead with in slot 1, i will be using a command to start battles,
    No nicknames,
    Just be on the server with your team ready to enter,
    If you lose a match you are out of the tournament,
    Once the tournament has started, players will not be allowed to enter,
    Prizes will be for the top two players,
    Anyone who doesnt follow these rules will be disqualified.

Time until the tournament starts

If you need training help, check out this guide:

Good luck to everyone who decides to enter.

 #7960  by TheChad
Nudes or Riot