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The latest server announcements from the staff!

What mod(s) or plugin(s) do you want the server to be focused around?

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 #15677  by Sun698
Hello players!

As you may know, Pixelmon has recently ceased development after being hit by a cease and desist from The Pokémon Company. This, in turn, brings about a whole new storm of uncertainty over where this server is headed for in the future.

The way I see it, the server could:

1. Continue to run Pixelmon
Reset or no reset, we can decide to continue using Pixelmon in its 5.1.2 (latest available) version, perhaps adding more mods on to enhance the player experience. However, Pixelmon is no longer publicly available on the mod website, therefore potentially limiting the flow of new players and leading to gradual playerbase decay. Additionally, the ramifications of running a shut down mod on our server may not be exactly favorable.

2. Refocus the server around an entirely different mod/plugin
Several years ago, LimitlessMC was a factions (think it had McMMO as well) server before it made the jump onto the then-fledgling Pixelmon mod. That the server has made such a dramatic transition in the past opens up the possibility that our server can make that transition once more. Now the big question here is: what mod(s) or plugin(s) should the server focus on now? A few possible choices have been discussed in the server Discord channels, but if you wish to suggest a mod not listed on the poll, feel free to post it in a reply below! Note that this option will obviously necessitate a server reset.

While this may or may not directly guide what we do with the server in the future, I would like to first gather up public opinion over how to handle this scenario. Should your preferences change, you can change the votes you make on this poll.

- Bakafish
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 #15678  by Nerokin
Factions with TerraFirmaCraft w/ Custom NPCs sounds fun. Factions with added difficulty of actually having to survive with food.

EDIT: With CustomNPCs, we could go with this mod (unless we can use a plugin): CustomNPCs. And I would have to revise my Allowed mods page on the forums if we ever decide to switch to something else.
 #15679  by Nekupe
If I may be so bold, but may I also suggest the bibliocraft mod as well? It's a mod that has a ton of different storage options, like bookshelves, toolracks, and even light fixtures, and it's for every version of minecraft (even 1.12) And the guy who made the mod (yes he's one guy) is always working to improve it.
 #15684  by Nerokin
KidKraft post_id=15683 time=1500153947 user_id=3054 wrote: We could also try running a modpack, like sky Factory.
Yeah, but... The only servers I've seen run Sky Factory, other skyblock modpacks, or just plain skyblock, are hub-like servers.