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The latest server announcements from the staff!
 #1886  by tordo

We will be experiencing some delays in the update. The pixelmon team neglected to do any server-side beta testing before releasing 3.1, so there are huge amounts of bugs at the moment that would cause the server to be extremely unstable, constantly crash, and result most likely in everyone losing their items.

Hopefully they will fix these issues as soon as possible, and if not we will work on some temporary fixes until they do. Expect the update to happen within the next few days at most, most likely tomorrow. You can still play on the server using pixelmon 3.0.1 and Minecraft 1.6.4 until then.

Jay, Dram, and myself have already prepared the new map, so we should be ready to go as soon as we see some of these fixes.

 #1909  by DutyPops
does this means we have to wait a bunch of more days till reset? :(
 #1911  by tordo
Please try actually reading the post before asking questions that have already been answered.
 #1921  by Heiwajima
"You can still play on the server using pixelmon 3.0.1"
Is this a typo? 3.0.1 or 3.0.4? :/ I logged in the server using 3.0.4, some minutes ago.
 #1924  by Builderb
yes heiwajima that was a typo the latest stable pixelmon is 3.0.4 this is what the server is running on right now but after the update you will need pixelmon 3.1 which you can get on the official pixelmon website >> <<

if you or a friend dosent have the minecraft launcher for 1.7.2 plz get it here

running this launcher will reset your server list so plz backup the ip of this server and all of your other server
 #1925  by Heiwajima
yeah i know that, already (about the 1.7.2 thing :P ). anyway thanks for the help
 #1929  by AussieAge
fingers crossed all goes well great team u guys run here!
 #1930  by lowell15
i cant connect to the server it says "internal exception: existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" i am trying to connect for like hours :(
 #1931  by Builderb
the server hasnt updated yet u are likely on 1.7.2 plz revert back to 1.6.4 untill the server is updated
 #1932  by Jay113355
so i've been watching the pixelmon forums since the update to 3.1 and there are quite a few game braking bugs
we want to update as soon as possible but at the same time i want it to work (with/o crashing etc)

and so far the only way to quick fix all the crashing problems (from what im hearing) is to block the use of:
apricorn trees,
fossil cleaners,
and the Players Inventory, (Yea no idea how they did that even)

so yea I'm trying to hold off for a hotfix.
and some people have said it would be out ASAP, and others are saying there adding in new poke...(not Happy - . -)