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  • Account Problems and Voting issues. (ReadMe)

  • Having trouble with something on the server? Ask for help here!
Having trouble with something on the server? Ask for help here!
Forum rules: If you need something done in-game please provide your username in your post!
 #4260  by Jay113355
Account Problems:

Forgotten Password
If you have forgot your in-game password send a PM to me tordo or gilman2 here on the Forums
with the following information/format:
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[b]In-Game Username: [/b] <Usernamehere>
[b]Newpassword: [/b] <NewPassword> 

Note: we do check to make sure you are the owner of that account by means of IP and Geo location checking.

Note: you should Change your password in-game after having us change it. you can do so by using

/changepassword <OldPassword(thatyousentus)> <NewPassword>

Bought Premium / Account Transfer
We offer to transfer player files for people who purchase Premium. (not cracked to cracked)
if you have just bought the game and could not chose the username you have been playing with then
  • Login with your new account and /register then logout (Do NOT play on your new account yet!)
  • Create a post below using the following format:
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[b]Old-Cracked Username: [/b] <OldUsername>
[b]Premium Username: [/b] <NewUsername>
[b]Why: [/b] Account Transfer to Premium.

then flag down me in-game to complete the transfer.
Note: Do NOT play on the premium account until the transfer is done. every thing from the old account will override the new account!

Voting Issues:

Your Minecraft username could not be validated (Cracked players cant vote)
This is due to the fact that minecraft serverlists don't allow cracked players to vote.
however we have 2 ways to combat this:

Username shortening (recommended)
Sometimes a Shortened version of your username will work, try removing one letter at a time when voting.
For example, your username is 'bobmankiller01' remove one letter until it works, or you run out of letters.
in that example 'bobman' will work. but if it doesn't work for you then we have another way (Username Linking see below)

Note: that sometimes there will be other players with the same shortened username such as 'bobmandude'.
if this player is online when you are voting with 'bobman' he may get the vote. to fix this see Username Linking below.

Username Linking
Username linking is where we find a Premium name that can vote, and we "link" it to your username.
so that when you vote with that Premium name your cracked account gets the reward.
to get an account linked First:
  • Try Username shortening, We wont waist linking a username to you unless you need it.
  • Find a Premium Username, Use this website to help you find a name, just put your cracked username in the search box and start removing letters until a name pops up.
  • Make a Post using the following format:[/i]
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    [b]Old-Cracked Username: [/b] <OldUsername>
    [b]Premium Username: [/b] <NewUsername>
    [b]Why: [/b] Cracked Vote Link.
 #4924  by KyndallRedfox
Hi, I've been playing on the server for about a week now, and I've tried everything you've said in order to try and vote and nothing has worked, so I'd like to link my account, KyndallRedfox to a premium account

Old-Cracked Username: KyndallRedfox
Premium Username: KyndalMFB
Why: Cracked Vote Link.

I've looked everywhere and that is the only premium name that comes close to my own, so I hope it will work!
 #6114  by xHafu
Old-Cracked Username: <xHafu>
Premium Username: <Cloud_Halcyon>
Why: Cracked Vote Link. Cloud_Halcyon the premium of xHafu(He changed username)

Admin Edit: done