Limitless Minecraft

The old forums was shut down quite awhile ago. Its still visible here But you cant register on it anymore due to the amount of Russian bots that were spamming it.

The idea of forums was great. it was a way to share ideas and report problems as well as apply for staff and ban appeals. But the point of this server is to have fun playing Minecraft not browsing a forum board. It took to much time away from playing the game.

As of right now we’ve replaced the forums with Discord which you can join here. Discord is a text and voice chat rooms service that is way better then TeamSpeak and others. And it is simple to join and allows you to directly be in contact with Jay113355 the owner, staff, and all other players who have joined. Its much easier for staff to keep up with as well. which was a major problem with the forums in the past.

So what are you waiting for? Join: discord.gg/0pK9vxewAninUI0q

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