Server Rules

  1. Treat the staff and your fellow players with respect. No scamming or crude behavior will be tolerated.
  2. Do not beg for items, Pokemon, money, leveling, etc. This goes for staff (especially) and fellow players.
  3. No hacks, mods or cheats that give you unfair gameplay advantage over others, this includs x-ray texturepacks. QOL mods such as JEI and InvTweaks, Minimaps, and any purely aesthetic mods are allowed. Ask staff when in doubt.
  4. Do not exploit any bugs or glitches in minecraft, mods, or the server. Report any exploits you find to staff.
  5. No griefing, stealing, scamming or sharking will be tolerated. This includes non-claimed builds, landscapes, and building of inappropriate structures.
  6. No alt accounts. Accounts are one per IRL person.
  7. Do not spam chat, send repeated messages, or send repeated requests such as /tpa.
  8. Do not use insulting, racist, or sexist language in chat, on signs, mails, Pokémon's nicknames, and your own nick or username, etc. Using swears is allowed but not excessively and not directed at a player.
  9. Do not advertise other servers or services on our server. And do not advertise us on any other servers.
  10. This list is not meant to be extensive, Obey staff if they ask you not to do something. New rules or guidelines can be added at Jay's discretion.