Limitless Minecraft

Limitless Minecraft Rules

Forum Rules

Rule 1
No double posting! Use the edit button.

Rule 2
Do not post in applications or appeals that you are not directly involved in.

Rule 3
No useless posts or spam allowed.

Rule 4
Make sure to always use the proper formats, and read "read before posting" threads.

Server Rules

Rule 1
No griefing other people's work or destorying villages and landscapes. Keep the server looking pretty!

Rule 2
If you discover any exploits or glitches, report them to a staff member or to our website. Any abuse of exploits will result in an immediate ban

Rule 3
Treat the staff and your fellow players with respect. No scamming or crude behavior will be tolerated.

Rule 4
Do not beg the staff for free items, ranks, or any other special treatment.

Rule 5
Clients or mods that give you an advantage (such as x-ray) are strictly not allowed.

Rule 6
Only one account per person! If we discover you are using multi-accounting to gain an advantage your IP address will be banned.

Rule 7
Do NOT spam the chat or use ALL CAPS! Consider using /msg and /r if you are going to be having a private conversation.

Rule 8
English only in the main chat, use private messages (/msg) if you want to talk in another language.

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