Day Cares are blocks that are used to breed Pokémon in Pixelmon. In Limitless, the items to meet the breeding requirements are different.

The breeding item requirements are based only on the primary typing of a Pokémon. (For example, a Charizard which is Fire/Flying would only need Fire category breeding items.) Limitless uses 5 type-reducing berries for the breeding items per Pokémon in the Day Care breeding slot.

Type Berry
Bug Tanga Berry x 5
Dark Colbur Berry x 5
Dragon Haban Berry x 5
Electric Wacan Berry x 5
Fairy Roseli Berry x 5
Fighting Chople Berry x 5
Fire Occa Berry x 5
Flying Coba Berry x 5
Ghost Kasib Berry x 5
Grass Rindo Berry x5
Ground Shuca Berry x 5
Ice Yache Berry x 5
Normal Chilan Berry x 5
Poison Kebia Berry x5
Psychic Payapa Berry x 5
Rock Charti Berry x 5
Steel Babiri Berry 5
Water Passho Berry x 5